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Bone Cancer Medical Negligence Solicitors - UK Compensation Claim Lawyers


Bone cancer is a serious condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible for the chance of a favourable outcome. The symptoms that are associated with bone cancer can vary depending on the location. In most cases, the first symptoms typically include soreness or tenderness in one location where the cancer is present, which may worsen when the muscles near the bone are relaxed. There may also be some joint pain and swelling. Misdiagnosis of bone cancer is common and our medical negligence solicitors may be able to take action to claim compensation on your behalf.


The bones and joints of the body can lose strength and begin to weaken when cancer sets in, which leads to the increased chance of bone fractures from even minor incidents that would have otherwise not caused an injury. Cancers that affect the vertebrae and the spinal column can lead to general weakness, along with tingling or numbness of the arms, legs and extremities. That being said the most common symptom of bone cancer is pain at the location of the cancer, which typically worsens with time. This pain is often accompanied by night sweats, chills at night, fever and a loss of weight.


In order to gain a properly diagnose bone cancer, a medical professional must begin by conducting a full physical examination, preceded by collecting important information regarding the patient�s symptoms, onset of symptoms and a full medical history which includes a family history. Misdiagnosis of bone cancer is common and our medical negligence solicitors may be able to take action to claim compensation on your behalf.

Specialist Tests

Following the initial examination, a more conclusive diagnosis is made by use of specialised tests. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or bone scans, combined with open needle biopsies or core needle biopsies can also assist with a diagnosis. There are however cases where these tests may dismiss bone cancer symptoms as another type of ailment. Perhaps the simplest tool used to diagnose bone cancer are x-rays and unfortunately bone x-rays lead to a high number of misdiagnoses due to misinterpretation by radiologists.


Regrettably, there are far too many cases of bone cancer being misdiagnosed. This means that critical medical treatment is delayed or never ordered, which can lead to a truly devastating outcome. The best chance a patient has of making a successful recovery from this condition is an early diagnosis, prompt aggressive treatment and regular follow up appointments with a doctor to monitor the condition. When this does not happen the chances for survival diminish greatly.

Bone Cancer Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you or someone you know has suffered a misdiagnosis of bone cancer due to a medical professional�s negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. A personal injury solicitor who specializes in the field of medical negligence will be able to assist you. Our bone cancer medical negligence solicitors will handle every aspect of your case. All cases are taken on a no win no fee* basis. If you believe you have a viable claim and are entitled to compensation for psychological or physical pain and suffering please contact our firm today. We are happy to help in any way we can; you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Since these cases are time sensitive, you should not wait to seek the justice you deserve. All initial consultations are free of charge with no further obligation if you decide to proceed no further.


*Legal Information

The author of the substantive medical writing on this website is Dr. Christine Traxler MD whose biography can be read here