Coroners Court Inquest - Medical Negligence Solicitors Compensation Claim

Coroners are appointed by the Secretary of State and are usually qualified as either doctors or lawyers and occasionally hold dual qualifications. The cause of death of any individual is an important matter particularly to the family of the deceased not only to establish the actual facts but also financially in regards to the payment of insurance or to decide whether or not to instruct a medical negligence solicitor to claim compensation.

Death Certificate

Most deaths are not investigated as the cause of death is usually clear particularly if the deceased has been ill and has recently been attended by a doctor. In these instances it may be possible to base a medical negligence claim on the cause of death stated in the death certificate issued without an inquest.


On the occasions when the cause of death is not clear or where the death has resulted from an accident or from an occupational illness or there is some question about the medical treatment of the deceased it may be necessary to investigate the cause, time and place of death.

Public Hearing

An inquest is a public hearing held in a Court of Law intended to establish the identity of the deceased together with the date, time, location and cause of death. The inquest will be held after a post mortem which may assist the coroner in his findings. No member of the public can prevent a post mortem.


The coroner can call for verbal evidence to be given from any member of the public either voluntarily or by force of subpoena which cannot be refused. In addition the doctors involved in any medical treatment can also be required to give evidence. The family of the deceased or more usually their legal representatives can question the witnesses.


At the conclusion of the inquest hearing a verdict is given regarding the cause, time, location and nature of the death. There are certain unusual circumstances where a jury is used to make the final decision and return the verdict.

Medical Negligence Solicitors

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