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Vasectomy Complications

Vasectomies are popular methods of quasi-permanent birth control. While it is an excellent method of birth control, it isn’t perfect and some pregnancies have occurred after a vasectomy. The procedure involves cutting and possibly burning the cut ends of the vas deferens, which is the tube that carries sperm from the testes to the end of the penis. Without the vas deferens intact, pregnancies in general cannot occur. The individual having the vasectomy must refrain from having unprotected sex until the sperm collections come back.

There are both early and late potential complications as a result of a vasectomy. One of the earliest complications is excessive pain. Approximately 20 percent of patients who have a vasectomy will have chronic pain as a result of their vasectomy.

Other early complications include bleeding, swelling and infection from the surgical procedure. Most men take pain pills after their vasectomy but end up taking only an average of 3 pain pills. The skin of the scrotum can turn black and blue; this can last about 3-4 days before dissipating. Sex should be avoided for 7 days after the vasectomy. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 4 days post-procedure and men should lift no more than 8-10 pounds during the 4 day period after surgery.

Sometimes a small blood vessel can bleed into the scrotum and will form a blood clot or haematoma. Sometimes it needs to be drained via a surgical intervention. In addition, as mentioned before, vasectomies can reverse themselves. One out of every 600 vasectomies will reconnect.

Late complications of a vasectomy can occur and have been discovered in studies over the past 50 years. The first is heart disease risk. A study of more than 259,000 person years has shown that men with a vasectomy have no greater risk of having heart disease than men who didn’t have a vasectomy. It is true that 60-70 percent of men will develop anti-sperm antibodies after their procedures, this doesn’t involve a great enough inflammatory response to adversely affect the heart or lungs.

There has been much debate over the last several years about whether or not a vasectomy is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. Two reports stated that there was a risk of prostate cancer after vasectomy. The risk was a late one, at least 20-22 years after their vasectomy. There have been other studies on the other hand that showed no difference whether or not a man had a vasectomy and their prostate cancer risk.

There were concerns about these studies not representing a larger population of all men who end up getting vasectomies. Clearly, better studies need to be done in order to know if getting a vasectomy poses any risk for prostate cancer. It’s possible than men who get vasectomies simply see the urologist more often and so get their prostate cancers detected faster than men who do not see urologists for their urologic care.

Because the relationship between vasectomies and prostate cancer might exist, the American Urological Association recommended stepped up screening for men who have had vasectomies. However, given the recent lack of support for this relationship, this recommendation has been discontinued.

There was a recent single paper linking vasectomies to getting an unusual form of Alzheimer’s disease called primary progressive aphasia. The study found that 40 percent of men with PPA had a vasectomy while there was a 16 percent risk of having a vasectomy in men who didn’t have a vasectomy. This is an unusual form of Alzheimer’s disease in which speech production and understanding of speech is greatly impaired while other areas of life remain unaffected for a long period of time. The researchers implicated that anti-sperm antibodies crossed the blood brain barrier and caused the PPA to occur.

Vasectomy Medical Negligence Solicitors

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